World series poker ps3

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World Series Poker Ps3

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WSOP 2008 Battle for the bracelets Longplay


Read Full Review 0 of 0 users found the following review helpful Rating: The doors at the Rio will open on May 29 for registration, live action games and satellites, and the first WSOP bracelet events will kick off on May By Stalemate99 Review Date: Jul 29, PS2 Plus: September 13, Ends: Read Full Review 2 of 2 users found the following review helpful 14 results.

Besides the big eyecatchers, several new events are featured this year.


Norman Chad has been fired. By teletran0n3 Review Date: Nov 30, PC Once you get past the annoying fact that your avatar makes the same 10 second reaction every hand this game goes downhill from there.

This year, players will have a slicker television styled presentation. The first flight commences on Sunday, June 3 and additional flights will take place every Sunday through July 1 a total of five flights.

Online bracelets are back as well, with four different tournaments played out entirely online. By UnaX Review Date: However, even with the increase in attention to making the game seem slicker, the game still has a number of issues with long pauses between command inputs and onscreen character responses, as well as incorrect chip count animations during bets.

Computer AI is still as solid this year around, and the inclusion of Player of the Year points for the career mode and redone presentation, coupled with online rivals makes this game one of the best poker games out there. Think you can beat us for our bracelets?

By cwolfe70 Review Date: The game is good as far a poker game gos. It also winds up exacerbating some of the other visual problems that stand out with character models, such as some of the seams or texture pixilation that crops up in hair or other parts of the body.

Besides the return of the Big One for One Drop, several new events are featured on the schedule: Hot Pie takes no crap from nobody. Even Chris Ferguson and more than ten other pro players included in the game are prone to making these kinds of wacky over bets.

The chips are broken down into a few different categories: The Custom Game option allowed us to spread a table and configure it to run between two and nine players, be they all pros, no pros or some random guys.

Instead, you join the tour along one of three difficulty levels: Hot Pie will be back and crazier than ever. We recently had an opportunity to play some of the PS2 and Xbox versions.


The use of this website is governed by NV law. Read Full Review 0 of 2 users found the following review helpful Rating: May 28, X I am a big poker fan and i have awaited along time for a poker game on the xbox to match exactly what I want. Here you can get the latest information on the WSOP Circuit, including schedules, stops and leaderboards.

As a real poker player myself I would have to say I play this game more than any other game in my collection. But he could Quickplay with the best of them.

Well, Norm has at least been omitted from this game. By jonboyohyeah Review Date: While their styles may be a bit erratic, their likenesses have at least been taken care of, though we doubt Jesus often jumps in the air laughing maniacally when he wins a pot.

There are instances when Hot Pie might have bet 10, into a pot of 15 and the computer would come over the top with 5 to k. Are you a stats geek or just curious how you compare against your peers in WSOP events? Even before the poker explosion that happened about 7 or 8 years ago.

Instead of distributing this money among the minor circuit matches or ring games, we jumped right into the championship and pulled an easy th place out of about six and a half thousand. That won us 50 grand. Installed on a machine that plays World of Warcraft, Titan Quest and other mainstre We could then set the starting cash amount, levels, and which of the 11 tables we wished to play on.

The Verdict

Rivals in WSOP are online players that have defeated you in internet games or showdowns, affecting your overall standings on the online leaderboards. Much has changed and I am now going to break it down for you.

Live coverage with stories, hands, photos, videos, interviews, and podcasts from the floor of the Rio can be found on PokerNews. Aptly named "The Closer", Event Read Full Review 1 of 1 users found the following review helpful Rating: The final table will begin on Thursday, July 12 and the winner will be crowned on Saturday, July A lot of extra attention has obviously been placed on the presentation of WSOPsharpening up the menus and the look of action at the tables with the screen split into three areas: PokerNews has a Google Calendar with all the events and links to the structure sheets.

But we have seen that it likes to bet and call with an Ace high and King to Jack follower right down to the river regardless of how unlikely it may be that hitting one of the hole cards will result in a win.

Other than some slow down issues, the combination of the full WSOP tour Give Hot Pie Some Skin Hot Pie busted out trying to hit an open-ended straight in a three-way hand that would have tripled his robust stack ofto about 2, Dec 22, DS I mostly play poker online, but I enjoy having a portable poker game to play when I travel, waiting around places, etc.

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