Online governor poker 2

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Online Governor Poker 2

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Governor of Poker 2 - Mobile Official Trailer


Play all new tournaments with up to 80 opponents in 19 cities and 27 poker locations.

Governor of Poker 2 includes: Finally, defeat the 9 best notorious players to reclaim your title! Claim your transport and special locations like oil fields and mines. Travel by train, river boat, or stage coach and play more games while travelling.

Are you ready for a new exciting adventure in the Wild West? Get Flash About Governor of Poker 2 Governor of Poker 2 starts where the first game ended, but nothing is what it seems.

Buy the hats that suit you best or to get admitted to new locations. Learn how to play top notch poker with the free poker tutorial.

A new Dallas government has entered, put a ban on all poker games, and considers the game to be illegal. Judge your opponents based on new emotions, including nervous, on fire, steamy, and tilt.

You can choose to play all new poker tournaments, including a bounty hunter game, where you win cash prizes by eliminating opponents, or play against a whole team of players. Organize your own tournaments and get loans at the bank.

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